Soga Shrine, Takeo City, Saga

This weekend I stumbled on Takeo’s Soga Shrine (武雄市素鵞神社), which is right on the main street of Takeo but appears neglected. It’s certainly such an impressive site that it could use a caretaker, but the honden is obviously a prewar construction, and other than some “historic site” style maintenance from the city there are no signs of human involvement here.

In a sense this is what drew me to the shrine– nature is much a more powerful force here, even viewed from across the street, than humanity could ever hope to be. Check this out.

A guardrail has been installed for whatever grandmas are still visiting this place.

The honden has seen happier times.

The komainu cry out for a cleaning!

A rock by the entrance was left in memory of Amaterasu-sama.

More photos here.

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  1. 1 Lisa said at 12:50 pm on April 24th, 2011:

    Thank you for contributing to Show Me Japan! It does indeed look a bit desolate… all the more reason that extremely shiney granny rail looks a bit out of place. ^^;
    Lovely shots though, shame I never made it over to Saga… or rather, not made it there *yet*.^^