English Sources on the Teachings of Onisaburō Deguchi

Divine Signposts at the Oomoto website – actually a retranslation from the Esperanto

Aizen-en on Onisaburo

Jinrui Aizenkai (ULBA — Universal Love and Brotherhood Association)

The Moon of Onisaburo Deguchi

The Oomoto movement : its origin, aims and objects and the Universal Love and Brotherhood Association, 1952

The Outline of Oomoto, 1958

Bankyo Dokon: Seventy Years of Inter-Religious Activity at Oomoto, 1997 – edited by Alex Kerr!

A Portrait of Oomoto

Prophet Motive: Deguchi Onisaburō, Oomoto, and the Rise of New Religions in Imperial Japan (aka scholarly nonsense), 2008

Bonus fun facts about Onisaburo Deguchi!!

  • When his son entered elementary school, Deguchi listed his occupation as “World Remodeller”
  • He was the successor of Nao Deguchi who is regarded today as the founder of Oomoto, but he wrote a document denouncing her as “Yamaguchi Slime”.
  • When he was sentenced to life in prison for the Second Oomoto Incident, he turned to the visitors’ gallery and stuck out his tongue.

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