From the Oomoto Shin’yu: Nao Deguchi on Materialism

The original sacred text of Oomoto was a piece of “Ofudesaki” automatic writing produced by Nao Deguchi, an illiterate farmer’s wife, channeling a kami that she called Ushitora no Konjin. We do not know if this text is authentic but people who knew her seem to think the following was really written by her in 1903. Also, this contradicts the teachings of Onisaburo, who printed the text. When it came time for him to select his favorite teachings of Nao’s this was not among them.

People use the fine earth planting trees and flower seeds, without a thought for the importance of the land, and do not produce the rice, wheat, beans and millet of our parents, which are the very life of the people. They are saying, “Rice, beans, wheat, whatever, we can buy it from foreign countries,” but that won’t last forever. Even in a place with cats, if you plant the five staple grains, they’ll come. Everyone accepts the foreign country’s material teaching, so in the country of Japan, live the Japanese way, and if you see someone planting those trees, dig them up. The ways of today won’t go on forever. People who are going up in the world won’t be able to accept this teaching today, but when that season comes, they must follow the way prescribed by God, and pass into this world.

If you don’t follow a teaching for Japan, the world will have no rule. If you copy the foreign countries, building your homes from stone and tile, building up your money, saying that you are living a developed life, sticking your nose up in the air, your nose will be so long it gets in the way of your eyes, and you won’t be able to see up, nor will you be able to see down, and while your nose sticks to the sky your feet become lazy, and when people are needed for the nation of God in the moment of truth, there is not a single one right now, so they will need to find the Japanese spirit in this Oomoto, so when the order comes to open the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave again, we will have to save the universe. The selfish teaching of the foreign nations who say, “Things are all right,” dirties their hearts like beasts, and they will grasp nothing of this teaching.

November 9 [Old Style], 1903

This specific prophecy was suppressed by the Japanese government. Most of the issues of the magazine which carried this quote were destroyed.

Nao was spotted more than once pulling up flowers that Onisaburo had planted.

edit: I’m going to append Nao’s original revelation, with no footnotes. It is not really comprehensible without notes so I guess this is for my own use.

Japan is Shinto — the gods cannot be ignored. The rest of the world is a world of beasts, where the strong survive. They are a country of devils. And Japan is becoming a country of beasts. You are bewitched by foreigners, and it is becoming a world of darkness that you have not yet opened your eyes to.

Now it is time to restore the Universe.

Prepare yourselves.

We must remake a new world.

It is time for a great laundry, a great cleaning of the universe, the world will be ruled in peace, and the world of the Land of the Gods will be carried out forever.

Not 1% of what We have said is wrong.

We are not mistaken by the breadth of a single hair.

If this is wrong, there is no God.

“The system in Tokyo being the countries of Suruga Mino Owari Yamato Tama Shiba, Okayama offers the Pillar of God”

Tenri, Konko, Kurozumi, Myorei, coming first, now the final, Ushitora no Konjin, reveals himself, to begin the rebuilding of the world.

What We call the rebuilding of the world was known to all the Pillars of God in the past, but none of them knew how to carry it out.

They may have known as much as 99%, but none of them knew the crucial 1%.

There is nothing unknown to Us out of all the things in this world, so should you feel forlorn and cheerless, come to Oomoto in Ayabe to hear the Teaching, and you shall be given Divine Virtue with which to see everything at a glance and to see all that shall happen in the world hereafter.

To be a god, you must pay attention to every nook and corner.

One can’t always be looking up. You can’t have justice in this world without knowing both up and down.

You can’t rule in a Western suit. You must give peace of mind to all people high and low, and you must carry out the world of the Land of the Gods in perpetuity.

Prepare yourself! A bird stands at your feet. That is the national bird of Japan.

If you live freely [CENSORED: as the angels do], the gods will be unhappy.

The Japanese people are blind and deaf. They are in a very dangerous state, in the eyes of the gods, like cups and glasses put on the edge of a well.

Foreigners! Know that We, Ushitora no Konjin, are returning your favor!

Leaves sprout directly from the roots of a creeping saxifrage; unless both the governing and governed flower, peace shall never reign. If only the `former’ prospers, that will not do; if only the `latter’ thrives, this world will not be peaceful, either.

[CENSORED: The angels have] a Plan in Ayabe.

We will make [CENSORED: angels and a world] and go back to the way of Origin.

[Rest omitted]

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2 Comments on “From the Oomoto Shin’yu: Nao Deguchi on Materialism”

  1. 1 Avery said at 3:27 am on April 6th, 2013:

    “Oomoto will always be headed by a woman because a man cannot survive through the last age.” Deguchi Nao

  2. 2 Kazu said at 3:37 am on April 13th, 2013:

    BTW, as you know, 霊主体従 (“Spirit first, physical (body or material) second”) is one of the biggest principles of Oomoto. BTW again, when Bush (Jr. esp.) appeared, shinto people were rumoring that US was then shifting to 物質中心主義 (materialism) = 物主 (pronounced as “Bush”).^^; Have you known this?